hygienic unions / sanitary unions

hygienic unions / sanitary unions

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union, stainless steel union, sanitary union,food grade union, DIN union,3A union,IDF union, DS union, RJT union,BSM union, union,nut ,male, liner, thread, expanded union ,blind cap with  chain,circular liner, stepped liner,hexagon nut ,end cap ,blind cap ,gasket for union

Standards: ISO, DIN, SMS, IDF, 3A , RJT;

Standard ID finish: 0.8 Ra;

 For detailed information about this hygienic unions or sanitary unions please send your inquiry to me

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1. Quantiy and Size.

2 Product material

3. Product description.

4 Product photos ( if possible),

5,drawings (for customized design).

 6. Polish requirements( surface accuracy)

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